The Curious Adventures Of Pinocchio (Lyngo Theatre)

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£8.50 Full (£7.50 concession). For ages 4+

Patrick Lynch from CBeebies pulls the strings in this wonderful family theatre production 

One of the best loved classics for children comes to life, literally. Crickets, cats, foxes and, of course, the world-famous puppet, will spring out of our collection of dusty, old, magic books while Patrick Lynch brings you the true story of Pinocchio, no lie.

Who nose? He might even find his father and become a real boy. Come and join him on his incredible journey, you'll have a whale of a time!

(A show by Marcello Chairenza, with music by Carlo Cialdo Capelli and design by Elena Marini)

“Lyngo Theatre have managed to create a piece which is visually stunning while also retaining a sense of fun, play and interaction which is so important when performing to a young audience. Appealing to both children and adults alike, [this] is a challenging, unique and excellently executed production." The Reviews Hub

"We took our recently-turned 6 year old to [watch it at] the Polka Theatre in Wimbledon. This one-man production performed by Patrick Lynch (C-Beebies) is children’s theatre at its best.” Unknown Audience Member,

“The classic tale was simply but very effectively staged and kept the audience entertained.  In fact there were times that the young audience participated in response to what they were watching which was most satisfying. The music was also excellently arranged, creating the atmosphere and encouraged the imagination.” Unknown Audience Member,

“Patrick Lynch moves from character to character effortlessly and convincingly and does not falter during the 50 minute duration of the play.  A star performance and a performer truly engaged with his young audience!” Unknown Audience Member,

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