A Monster Calls (12A)

  • |
  • 108 mins.
  • Sigourney Weaver, Felicity Jones, Liam Neeson
  • Dir. J.A. Bayona

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Based on the award winning novel, this visually spectacular drama features 12-year-old Conor, who is dealing with far more than other boys his age. His mother is terminally ill, he struggles at school with bullies, and is racked with guilty and anger. Then, one night, Conor encounters a "monster" in the form of a giant humanoid tree that has come to tell him stories and to help Conor fix his unhappy life. But in order to do this it asks for the one thing Connor cannot bring himself to do. Tell the truth.


Join Wyeside for a "tea and biscuits" matinee. Enjoy the pleasure of the cinema, a free cuppa with friends, and be home before dark.

Screenings aim to coincide with Builth Wells bus timetables where possible

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