Logan (15)

  • Sci-Fi Action
  • |
  • 137 mins.
  • Hugh Jackman, Boyd Holbrook, Patrick Stewart
  • Dir. James Mangold

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Set in the future, a now-older Logan (Wolverine) is past his prime, his face and body scarred from past injuries and battles. The X-Men have long since vanished, the remaining mutants are being hunted by Nathaniel Essex and his Reavers, and Logan must care for Charles Xavier, who is slowly being crippled by Alzheimer's disease. Then they encounter a young girl named Laura, who is also being hunted by the Reavers, and who just may be the key to help them bring salvation to the mutants.

Contrary to the information we had at the time of printing our brochure, Logan is not being released in 3D. Therefore, regardless of anything previously advertised, all screenings will be in 2D.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

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