An exhibition by Francesca Bantock

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From Tuesday June 6th– Thursday July 27th

Brought up in Apartheid South Africa, where she worked for many years against the system that she abhorred, Francesca Bantock was surrounded by her grandparents’ huge collection of Hokusai, Toyokuni and Aubrey Beardsley. We can see in Francesca’s work the influence of careful, immediate clean lines, deliberate simplicity and effective chosen space.

Each of her exhibitions have had unusual titles - Women’s’ Walk - I am Person - Caernarfon Cats - Nudes in the Mirror. She has an enormous variety of interests that show in her work - strong flower studies in oil or gouache, tiny simplified but delicate views of the Llyn landscape, her “skinny ma-links” series of girls posing beautifully and memorable nudes.

As well as being an artist, Francesca writes and illustrates humorous and clever children’s stories and rhyming adult satires (one is called “Humphrey, a dog who lived in Cape Town”).

She moved to North Wales in 1989 with her family, and has been quietly continuing her artwork ever since. 

Viewings can be organised outside of the times below by prior appointment. Please call our admin office on 01982 553668 or email 

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