Invisible Light - Photographs by Hazel Gwatkin

  • Wednesday 20th September: 12:30pm
  • Gallery

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Wednesday 20th September: 12:30pm | Gallery
Friday 22nd September: 2:00pm | Gallery
Saturday 23rd September: 2:00pm | Gallery
Sunday 24th September: 2:00pm | Gallery
Tuesday 26th September: 12:30pm | Gallery


These photographs of local landscapes have been taken using old black and white infrared film. This method produces dramatic, blown out highlights of living vegetation which glow with light. This creates an almost magical effect.

The film is able to capture part of the light spectrum not normally visible to the naked eye, allowing you to appreciate the natureal landscape in an entirely new way. 

Open from Tuesday August 1st to Thursday September 28th, 2017.

Please see below our complete opening times for this exhibition. Please note that there is no need to purchase tickets. 

Viewings can be organised outside of the times below by prior appointment. Please call our admin office on 01982 553668 or email 

Please note that the exhibition will closed on Thursday the 21st of September. 

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Wednesday 20th Sep 12.30pm
Friday 22nd Sep 2.00pm
Saturday 23rd Sep 2.00pm
Sunday 24th Sep 2.00pm
Tuesday 26th Sep 12.30pm
Wednesday 27th Sep 12.30pm
Thursday 28th Sep 12.30pm

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