BWCAS - Under The Castle Walls

  • Thursday 8th March: 7:30pm
  • Market Theatre

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Thursday 8th March: 7:30pm | Market Theatre
Friday 9th March: 7:30pm | Market Theatre
Saturday 10th March: 7:30pm | Market Theatre


Tickets - £10

Caught between the Marcher lords and the Welsh princes, the villagers of 13th century Builth hope for peace and a good harvest. But young Thomas hates the drudgery of farming and dreams of adventure. The only problem is who should he follow - Sir Roger Mortimer, the lord of Builth castle, loyal to the English king or Llwelyn ap Gruffydd, who has vowed to unite Wales against the English?

With their customary blend of lively drama, song and dance, BWCAS whisks you back in time to the highs and lows of medieval Builth.

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Thursday 8th Mar 7.30pm
Market Theatre
Friday 9th Mar 7.30pm
Market Theatre
Saturday 10th Mar 7.30pm
Market Theatre

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