Duck Duck Goose (PG)

  • Comedy Animation Adventure
  • |
  • 91 mins.
  • Jim Gaffigan, Zendaya, Stephen Fry
  • Dir. Christopher Jenkins

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Friday 30th March: 2:30pm | Castle Cinema
Friday 30th March: 5:30pm | Castle Cinema
Saturday 31st March: 2:30pm | Castle Cinema
Saturday 31st March: 5:00pm | Castle Cinema
Sunday 1st April: 2:30pm | Castle Cinema


Peng is a freewheeling goose who spends all his time attempting crazy stunts until, in one such stunt, Peng hits a flock of ducklings, separating two of them from the rest. After rescuing the wide-eyed orphan Ducks from Banzou the cat, Peng and his new charges embark on a beautiful and dangerous journey to reach their respective flocks. On the way, Peng must learn to care for the two ducklings while evading the hungry and relentless Banzou, who'll stop at nothing to claim the ducklings he feels entitled to in this funny and touching animated feature.

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