Ghost Stories (15)

  • Horror Drama
  • |
  • 98 mins.
  • Andy Nyman, Alex Lawther, Martin Freeman, Paul Whitehouse
  • Dir. Jeremy Dyson & Andy Nyman

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In this anthology of creepy supernatural tales Philip is a paranormal debunker driven to expose frauds. He grew up hero-worshipping a fellow debunker, who disappeared at the height of his fame. Then suddenly the man contacts him, asking him to reopen the file on three of his cases that wouldn’t add up or submit to a rational explanation. There’s night watchman Tony, who experienced a horrible vision; schoolboy Simon, who had a fright driving home and retired City trader Mike, who encountered a poltergeist. As Philip seeks all of them out, and we see their awful experiences in flashback, Philip himself begins to sense an overarching narrative between them with a collective.

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