The Leisure Seeker (15)

  • Drama Comedy Adventure
  • |
  • 112 mins.
  • Helen Mirren, Donald Sutherland
  • Dir. Paolo Virzì

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Upcoming Showings

Friday 18th May: 5:30pm | Castle Cinema
Saturday 19th May: 5:00pm | Castle Cinema
Sunday 20th May: 5:00pm | Castle Cinema
Tuesday 22nd May: 5:30pm | Castle Cinema
Wednesday 23rd May: 8:00pm | Castle Cinema


Travelling in their faithful old RV they call The Leisure Seeker, John (Sutherland) and Ella (Helen Mirren) take one last road trip from Boston to the Hemingway House in the Florida Keys before his Alzheimer's and her cancer can catch up with them. They recapture their passion for life and their love for each other on a road trip that serves up revelations and surprise right up to the very end.

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Friday 18th May 5.30pm
Castle Cinema
Saturday 19th May 5.00pm
Castle Cinema
Sunday 20th May 5.00pm
Castle Cinema
Tuesday 22nd May 5.30pm
Castle Cinema
Wednesday 23rd May 8.00pm
Castle Cinema
Thursday 24th May 8.00pm
Castle Cinema

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