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  • Tuesday 21st August: 2:00pm
  • Gallery

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Tuesday 21st August: 2:00pm | Gallery
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Ultraviolet Wall Hangings, by Jo Young

Originally inspired by the early fluorescent Rave Culture of the 1990’s, Jo has been painting large (6ft x 4ft) ultraviolet wall hangings for more than 25 years.

Jo’s work has developed and expanded over the years, but she continues to draw inspiration from the themes which motivate her – the natural world, and spirituality.

The use of ultraviolet paint gives her work a great sense of depth and creates a wonderful feeling of magic and mystery.

This exhibition, which is just a small part of Jo’s collection, pushes the boundaries of what inspires us, and - for a brief moment - allows us to see the world differently. 

Open from Tuesday 12th of June to Thursday 30th of August

Viewings can be organised outside of the times below by prior appointment. Please call our admin office on 01982 553668 or email

Please see below our complete opening times for this exhibition. Please note that there is no need to purchase tickets. Entry to our Gallery is free.

Please note that the exhibition will be closing at 6.30pm on the following days...

Wed 13 June: Closed by 6.30pm

Wed 11 July: Closed by 6.30pm

Wed 8 August: Closed by 6.30pm

Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

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