Slaughterhouse Rulez (TBC)

  • Comedy
  • Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Michael Sheen, Asa Butterfield
  • Dir. Crispian Mills

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Upcoming Showings

Friday 21st September: 8:15pm | Castle Cinema
Saturday 22nd September: 8:00pm | Castle Cinema
Sunday 23rd September: 8:00pm | Castle Cinema
Tuesday 25th September: 8:15pm | Castle Cinema
Wednesday 26th September: 8:15pm | Castle Cinema


Welcome to Slaughterhouse, an elite boarding school where boys and girls are groomed for power and greatness. This ancient and ordered world is about to be shaken to its foundations when a controversial fracking site nearby causes a mysterious sinkhole to appear and unleash unspeakable horror. Starring Simon Pegg, Asa Butterfield, Nick Frost, and Michael Sheen.

Book Tickets

Friday 21st Sep 8.15pm
Castle Cinema
Saturday 22nd Sep 8.00pm
Castle Cinema
Sunday 23rd Sep 8.00pm
Castle Cinema
Tuesday 25th Sep 8.15pm
Castle Cinema
Wednesday 26th Sep 8.15pm
Castle Cinema
Thursday 27th Sep 8.15pm
Castle Cinema

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