Ad Astra (TBC)

  • Fiction
  • Brad Pitt, Tommy Lee Jones, Donald Sutherland
  • Dir. James Gray

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Upcoming Showings

Friday 21st June: 7:15pm | Market Theatre
Saturday 22nd June: 7:45pm | Market Theatre
Monday 24th June: 7:15pm | Market Theatre
Tuesday 25th June: 7:15pm | Market Theatre
Wednesday 26th June: 7:15pm | Market Theatre


Brad Pitt plays Astronaut Roy McBride who travels to the outer edges of the solar system to look for his missing father and unravel a mystery that threatens the survival of Earth. His father (Tommy Lee Jones) went missing while hunting for alien life, and McBride is determined to recreate the journey in an attempt to find out what happened to his dad. 

Book Tickets

Friday 21st Jun 7.15pm
Market Theatre
Saturday 22nd Jun 7.45pm
Market Theatre
Monday 24th Jun 7.15pm
Market Theatre
Tuesday 25th Jun 7.15pm
Market Theatre
Wednesday 26th Jun 7.15pm
Market Theatre

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