Board Game Day!

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We Provide a welcoming space for gamers old and new, and a small library of games we hope to expand in the near future. Customers are welcome to bring their own games to play too.

Alongside games, we offer a wide selection of snacks and drinks (soft and alcoholic).

Under 14s will need to be accompanied by an adult to borrow a board game, as many have been leant to us by lovely members of the community until we can obtain funding to buy our own. 

We'll also be holding a competition on the day, with the opportunity to win a pair of cinema tickets for the film of your choice (Shazam! is on in the evening)!

So come and play a board game with us in our lovely Gallery.

For more information please contact the Box Office or send us a message on Facebook.

Games included (but not limited too)...

Boss Monster



Trivial Pursuit




And more!

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