Surrealism is Dead, Long Live Surrealism!

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7.00pm (presentation to start at 7.30pm)

As part of the Surrealism:  Wellspring of the Imagination exhibition, this

presentation by John Richardson and John Welson rebuts the widely held but mistaken view that surrealism ‘was something between the wars, largely to do with Salvador Dali’ and, instead, positions it as an emancipatory worldview with an international presence and a continuing contemporary relevance. The evening will include an overview of the precursors to surrealism; its origins; key themes for example, Black Humour, Desire, Mad Love and Revolt; and practice, focusing particularly on cinema, poetry, objects, collage, painting & photography. there will be time for questions and, who knows, maybe answers!!

Seating will be cabaret style in our Gallery.


Running time 90 minutes approx.


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