D&D - The Dangers of Darkmere

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A Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition one shot event for Wyeside! The first of many one off, all day short campaigns written by Wyeside staff! 

Deep within the heart of the ancient Darkmere Forest lies a temple, lost for more than a century. Dedicated to one of the fearsome Dark Gods, the Lord of Death and Darkness himself, it promises wealth and fame beyond imagining to any adventurer willing to brave its challenge. But first, before negotiating its deadly passages, they must endure the perilous forest that surrounds it and attempt to survive the Dangers of Darkmere. 

Booking ahead is essential for this campaign so the DM can scale the event correctly. Contact marketing@wyeside.co.uk for more information and to book.

UPDATE: Saturday slot is now full! 

A Thursday evening slot is now available (starting 28th November) and will run every Thursday until the campaign is complete.

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