Jamie Smith's Mabon: Taith 'The Last Huzzah' Tour

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"a sweet spot between traditional and electric" - Living Tradition

"a glorious, celebratory résumé of two decades" - folkradio.co.uk

Don’t miss your last chance to see the band knock an audience sideways, on Mabon's final tour: The Last Huzzah!

A lot can change in twenty years!

It's been two decades of sparky jigs, slammin’ reels, mighty banter, stirring songs and a faithful following of ardent fans...

But now Mabon is hanging up its boots.

After a thousand shows in dozens of countries across five continents; with a hard-earned reputation for dazzling live performances; Mabon is going out on a high.

This is a band ending on a very good note. Catch those notes live while you can in spring 2020.

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