Have-a-go Shakespeare!

  • Friday 9th June: 10:30am
  • Gallery
  • £5 per workshop to be paid to Sue Best & Phil Bowen of Shakespeare Link, Willow Globe Theatre.

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Upcoming Showings

Friday 9th June: 10:30am | Gallery
Friday 23rd June: 10:30am | Gallery
Friday 7th July: 10:30am | Gallery


Have-a-go Shakespeare meet in Wyeside's Gallery on alternate Friday mornings from 10.30am till 1pm to explore Shakespeare text in reading and performance.

Please come along and join in, or if you’d like to speak to someone first call Phil Bowen or Sue Best at Shakespeare Link, Willow Globe Theatre, on 01597 811487. 

£5 per workshop.

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Friday 9th Jun 10.30am
Friday 23rd Jun 10.30am
Friday 7th Jul 10.30am

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