Wyeside Arts Centre

a Seat

Wyeside is more than just a successful arts centre – it is an integral part of our community. It is a charity which operates on income raised at the box office, on donations from its generous supporters, and on funding from a range of local and national bodies. Unfortunately public funding has come under increasing pressure over recent years, a fact which has required Wyeside to actively be on the look-out for alternative ways to increase income. It is essential that we continue to invest in Wyeside’s growth, enabling us to develop and increase the facilities and activities that we offer to our community and visitors.

This is the background to the launch of our Sponsor a Seat project. We are hoping that all kinds of supporters - individuals, families, businesses and organizations - will sponsor a seat in one of our auditoriums. We hope that in due course we will all become accustomed to seeing plaques on the backs of seats, all individually inscribed with the names or dedications of our sponsors!

Seats are available for sponsorship in both our Market Theatre and Castle Cinema auditoriums for £150. A plaque engraved with your name or message is fixed to your chosen seat, and will remain there for 5 years, and your generous donation will also be acknowledged on our list of supports on our website.

If you have any questions, please email Miriam Hall marketing@wyeside.co.uk, or call 01982 553668.

Download the information sheet and sign-up form HERE